Your Journey

Life with chronic anemia is a journey. Some days the path might feel easy. Other days, it might as well be quicksand. On top of it, managing your health - medications, appointments - can feel like a heavy pack you have to carry. With your help, we hope to smooth the road and lighten the load for people with chronic anemia. If you have chronic anemia as a result of beta thalassemia, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), or myelofibrosis, or you just want to help people who do, we would love for you to participate in this study.

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Help Us Understand

Journey PRO is an app-based study about chronic anemia and quality of life. You will help us learn the range of experience for people with and without chronic anemia. You will help us find out how mobile devices can help measure what life is like with chronic anemia.

Telling Your Story

Every journey is unique. Journey PRO is a tool that will help you to see the map of your story over time and share your own journey with or without chronic anemia.

  • Daily check ins provide you with a snapshot of your daily health.
  • Gather insight about your story by answering questions and participating in activities in the weekly challenges.
  • Add your health events, lab/ transfusion appointments and details to keep track of your events

See how Journey PRO can help you share your story.